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Hungry for farming simulators

The first time Farming Simulator 19 was included on PS plus I was reluctant to play it. I said let’s try it to see how things are with these simulators.
I almost instantly fell in love with this kind of games. The first time I made a platinum at Farming simulator 19 then I wanted to see how it was an older version and I also made a platinum at Farming simulator 17. The madness continued on PS vita and so I made platinum at FS 18 and FS 16 more recently I also looked for simulators from companies other than FOCUS HOME INTERACTIVE, like Pure Farming 2018.
Because these two (Pure Farming 2018 and Farming simulator 19) I consider them the best agricultural simulators at the moment I will write a post about the difference between the two.

Let’s go back to FS 19 this simulator is a very good one in several aspects:
-the graphics of the game are much superior to other simulators
-the fact that there is a very large community of fans who create various mods for vehicles.
-game mechanics and the most realistic behavior of the vehicles
-large variety of tools and vehicles
-the economy within the game is quite strict and realistic so I recommend great attention to every land acquisition, vehicle or hiring help. You can get to a point where you have to sell your equipment or vehicles that you really need to move forward.
-raising animals is a more complex process, especially for cows that require more special attention. I recommend raising animals at a more advanced stage of the game after you have a bigger budget. For example I’ve recorder a clip how to make a total mixed ratio for cows :

-always aims for more advanced vehicles that do a better and faster job, it clearly costs even more but they take out their investment quickly.
-buy lots of land as large as possible or join several small ones
-sell the harvest when you receive the best possible price from the buyers. So you can store the harvest in a silo until the price changes and you get a better profit
-forestry is fun but you need expensive tools to get some profit

Hope FOCUS HOME INTERACTIVE will do Farming Simulator 20 or 21 with new more ideas like farming online with other peoples, questing and trading and so on.


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Hobbies and phone apps

It’s the perfect time to work on your hobbies. For example you can learn to edit photos or create motion videos for fun.
Stop motion Video is a fun application, Android based, easy to use, that helps you create stop motion videos.

Here is a stop motion Video created with the app. The theme is “Lego monsters are everywhere”.
The app has cool features and you can add text, filters, effects or just edit the photos.
For inserting some movement into the video, I added the music with SNOW app, video editor.

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