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Farmer’s Dynasty an unsuccessful combination of Farming Simulator 19 and Sims

It would be offensive for the two Farming Simulator 19 and Sims to even add them in a sentence with this failed game.
I’m going to do a series of bad things and then some interesting ideas from this game, ideas that big games like Farming Simulator could introduce in future versions.

So if you want to try your patience here is what awaits you:

  • First of all, I tried as much as possible not to vomit during the dialogues between the characters.
  • The game’s graphics is very weak like the games of the 90’s.
  • NPCs that give you quests are stuck inside walls or they are inaccessible.
  • Numerous moments when you receive an error and a blue screen appears, so if you really dare to play the game, try to save as often as possible so you don’t lose progress. The most common case of blue screen with 100% reproduction of cases is when you enter a competition and activate “engineer view” R1 (Ps4).
  • Another rather annoying thing is that you can easily lose the crop if you do not place the harvester output tube well on the silo hole or perfectly above the trailer. I attributed this aspect to the fact that can indeed happen in IRL.

Example of beautiful dialogue 😀

You: – Did it hurt when you when you were falling from the sky ?

Her: – It is so nice to hear, thank you!

Some ideas that I found interesting were:

  • Possibility to grow vegetables in greenhouses.
  • Roofs with solar panels produce a small amount of money.
  • The fact that you start from scratch with a ruined farm and then start repairing every building (walls, roof, fences, etc.).
  • The possibility of socializing with NPCs as a result of these interactions you receive preferential prices for some products (better price for wheat after the quest with Old Grain Mill) or agricultural vehicles (you can buy cheaper using social points)

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